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With as much uncertainty as we see in our world, there are certain things that seem - well - certain. Law enforcement officers are always tough and strong, you can easily form a new habit in just 30 days, and artificial intelligence will, like the movies have warned us, destroy us all one day. Certain, right?

THINK AGAIN. Operating with absolutes blinds us to developments in mental health, science, medicine, philosophy, sociology, and justice.

At TEDxEustis 2020 we will challenge our guests to THINK AGAIN. About teeth. Tooth pain isn't the only indication that your mouth is unhealthy. This is an important warning when a large number of other life-threatening ailments start with oral problems.

Our 2020 speakers will drive the audience to THINK AGAIN about mental health, both among civilians and law enforcement. To THINK AGAIN about the role of unwed fathers in our society. To THINK AGAIN on the way women of color, regardless of socioeconomic power, are often marginalized in their own healthcare decisions. To THINK AGAIN about juvenile justice strategies. About the role of our career in our self-identity. About the proper business structure of a successful company.

When we THINK AGAIN, we do so much more than second guess ourselves. We gain the freedom to look at subjects often considered "settled fact" and realize that we can, with new information, make better choices and adjust strategies to new realities. When we dare to THINK AGAIN, we create a better future. We raise better children. We live better lives.

Think you've already got it figured out? THINK AGAIN.


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