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The speakers for this event include:

Angela Reddix
Social Champion

Dr. Angela D. Reddix is the Chairman and Founder of Envision Lead Grow, a nonprofit organization aimed at aspiring girls of all ages to chart their destinies by teaching them the skills and dedication required to accomplish their dreams through entrepreneurship. Her own entrepreneurial drive led Angela to found ARDX, an award-winning healthcare management and IT consulting firm with 100 plus employees in its thirteenth year of operation. As she manages operations as CEO, Angela shapes a vision for the next generation of Girl Bosses. With Envision Lead Grow, in just three short years, she has created a framework that has begun teaching over 600 girls in 38 states the fundamentals of being a business owner.

Charles Reinertsen
Dr. Chuck

Dr. Chuck Reinertsen’s specialty is the mouth, but his interest extends to the rest of the body. A Eustis resident since graduating from the University of Florida College of Dentistry in 1979, Dr. Chuck is on a mission to expand awareness of the relationship between oral health and whole-body wellness. As he says, “Many times the source of your disease is right under your nose…literally!” He’s a member of the American Academy of Oral Systemic Health, and his goal is to develop professional relationships between physicians and dentists.

Dave Schramm
Family Fanatic

Known as “Dr. Dave” on campus and across the country, Dave Schramm is a professor and family life extension specialist at Utah State University in the Department of Human Development and Family Studies. After graduating with his Ph.D. from Auburn University in Family Studies, he worked as a family life professor at the University of Missouri for nine years. Since arriving at USU in 2016, he has been appointed by the Governor to serve on Utah’s Commission on Marriage, and he appears monthly on Fox 13’s “The Place,” sharing happy hacks and family facts. He enjoys helping individuals and couples flourish at home and consulting with businesses to create family cultures at work. His greatest joy comes from spending time with the Schramm fam!

Diane Thomas
Puzzle Builder

Diane Thomas holds two research degrees, and has nearly a decade's experience in both the mortgage industry and in human resources reporting and analytics. Since becoming a financial advisor several years ago, she has been able to combine her two great loves, research and math, with a lifelong commitment to service. She finds deep satisfaction in working with individuals to help them understand the unique pieces of their goals and how they fit together into a coherent whole. Having encountered various personal challenges along the way, Diane is passionate about leveraging experience to positively impact the next conversation and the people with whom she comes in contact. Her husband of 16 years has the near-impossible task of preventing her from volunteering too often, and tolerates her continuous "Have you ever wondered..." questions. Their energetic daughter keeps them both tired and amused, and is the light of their lives.

Dick Mills
Engineer Futurist

Dick Mills learned to be independent at a young age. He has been an exterminator, a carney, a door-to-door salesman, a glider pilot, a firefighter, a Y2K remediator, a blue water sailor, but most of all an engineer. He worked with the Saturn V engineering team in 1966-68 on a non-Apollo project. In 2005, Dick and his wife Libby retired. They sold their house, cars and nearly all possessions,bought a cruising sailboat and set out to live a new life cruising the world. They chose a Westsail 32, the sailboat famous for surviving The Perfect Storm in Sebastian Junger’s book. For 12 years, they lived and cruised on that boat, covering 60,000 nautical miles which is equivalent to 2.7 times around the world. You can follow their adventures on Dick’s Blog dickandlibby.blogspot.com reading the 2700+ articles in chronological order starting in 2005. In 2017, Dick and Libby gave up the cruising life, to become snow birds with home bases in Umatilla, Florida and Burlington, Vermont.


Joe Shaw is an Analytics Programmer, a playwright, a comic book author, a philosopher of religions and morality, and a professional speaker who, in 2016, outlasted more than 30,000 speakers worldwide to finish in the top 30 in the Toastmasters International World Championship of Public Speaking. In his day job, Joe builds predictive financial analytic systems for Fortune 500 companies. In the evenings, he plays silly games and reads books with his five kids. They make him do all the voices. He’s bad at it, but they laugh anyway. Joe speaks on communicating data in ways people will understand, fostering creativity and innovation in technical organizations, finding common ground between people of different faiths, and managing the intersection of artificial intelligence and morality. He’s also obsessed with baseball statistics. Don’t get him started on that. For real.

Johnny Crowder
Mental Health Rockstar

Johnny Crowder is a suicide/abuse survivor, touring musician, comedian, writer, and the founder & CEO of Cope Notes. Amidst his psychology studies at the University of Central Florida and his mental health advocacy through the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Johnny found himself touring the world with his metal band, Prison, using the stage as a platform to explore taboo topics like consent, self-harm, and sobriety. With a keen personal understanding of multiple diagnoses ranging from bipolar disorder and OCD to schizophrenia, Johnny is uniquely equipped to provide creative solutions for the pains of mental illness and treatment with levity and wit. Whether at home or touring, Johnny's Cope Notes is an innovative mobile health platform that uses text messages to improve the mental and emotional wellness of users all over the globe. Along with his ministries, Johnny nerds out about exercise science, fingerstyle guitar, and, surprisingly enough, sneakers.


Born and raised in Leesburg, Florida, Joy followed in her mother's footsteps by going out into the community and being a helping hand. Joy, a 2-time technical college culinary graduate, knew food was a way to touch the heart of her community. Mentors like Chef Ze and Chef John Bell, both Lake County Legends, make her Culinary skills unlimited. By lending her ear and heart to the people in her community she realized not everyone was being heard. Inspired by the stories of strength, suffering and preservation from the women of color in her community, Joy felt called to speak out for them and share their stories. Joy has dedicated her life to her community for 13 years and doesn’t plan on stopping. The aspiring woman’s advocate and new mother loves beach trips with her husband and daughter, painting, long drives on the scenic route, nature walks and learning new culinary skills.

Laura Frombach
Women's Safety Adept

Laura Frombach is a survivor of generational domestic abuse. She joined the U.S Army to finance a college education and worked on Pershing nuclear missiles during enlistment. She completed her BS in Professional Management in a mere 15 years. Laura enjoyed a successful career in technology, working for IBM, HP, Dell, Coca Cola Enterprises, FedEx, Lenovo and more. She has been active in schools and libraries, working with teens and technology as a motivational influence. Author of ‘Leaving the Dark House’, a memoir describing an abusive childhood, but more importantly, overcoming the effects of it, Laura is President of Village Voices Toastmasters and is on the Board of Villagers Life Care Advocates. She enjoys travel, family, target shooting and making people laugh. Laura and her wife (a retired law enforcement officer) dedicate themselves to their YouTube channel, focusing on safety tips that advise women on how to keep themselves safe using their ultimate weapon: intuition.

Juanita Benedict

Dr. Benedict is a life long student of human interaction. From her formal studies in Sociology and Philosophy to her every day interaction with her patients as a physical therapist, she has never passed up an opportunity to learn more about how people navigate this world. Dr. Benedict travels throughout the United States helping physical therapy business owners and other medical professionals understand how to harness the power of social media to improve their online relationships with their patients. To further promote the positive use of social media and help people connect with each other, she has recently begun a new initiative to help women forge new friendships with online game nights. She is a firm believer that we do not have to live in a disconnected world.

Shyer Maguire
Gardener Activist

As C.E.O. of non-profit, Towers For Change; she is realizing her dream of making a difference in the battle of food insecurity. Ever the activist, Shyer marched In D.C. in 1968 for Civil Rights and many times since then, including in 2013 & 14 against Monsanto Corp. for crop safety. Shyer has lived and gardened in three corners of the U.S. Living the last six years in Mount Dora, FL, she became a certified Master Gardener through UF. She has married more than once; has two fabulous grown biological children and three glorious step daughters, with grandchild number 13 recently born. Shyer is determined to leave a legacy to insure her grandchildren have more affordable access to healthy food than their parents did. In 1966, Shyer’s dad, Bernie, didn’t want to fund her college education, because ‘girls only went to school to find husbands’. Still, Shyer was a Speech and Drama major, and is so thrilled to have the opportunity as a TEDx speaker to use the education dad paid for!


Tim DeTellis inspires to encourage others to make a difference right where they are and wherever they go. Tim serves as President for New Missions, a non-profit organization. He graduated from Houghton College in New York with a degree in Business. Tim advocates on behalf of National Good Neighbor Day, a movement to promote unity and togetherness by helping individuals practice the good neighbor mindset. An author of nine books, he travels frequently and speaks nationwide. For fun, Tim enjoys bike rides around his neighborhood in Eustis, Florida and playing the piano.

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